Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bill Would Supplement Illinois' Social Media Password Privacy Law

Authored by Julie Tappendorf and originally posted on Ancel Glink's Municipal Minute blog where readers can keep up to date on a broad spectrum of local governmental issues.

The Illinois General Assembly introduced HB 4999 last week proposing to amend the "Right to Privacy in the Workplace Act." If enacted, the bill would make it illegal for an employer or prospective employer to:

  • ask or require an employee or job candidate to access a personal online account in the presence of the employer;
  • require an employee or job candidate to invite the employer to join a group affiliated with a personal account of the employee or candidate; or
  • require an employee or job candidate to join an online account established by the employer.
  • discharge, discipline, discriminate against, retaliate against, or otherwise penalize an employee, or refuse to hire a job candidate, who refuses or declines to provide the employer with the prohibited information or access.

These changes would supplement the Act's already existing ban on an employer requiring or requesting an employee or job applicant to provide his or her social media passwords or other related social media account information.  

We will let you know if this bill is passed by the state legislature.