Friday, March 4, 2016

Celebrating National Employee Appreciation Day Today – March 4, 2016

National Employee Appreciation Day is observed annually on the first Friday in March.  Today is a good day to pause and consider the value and importance of appreciating the people who make your organization successful. Employees are one of your greatest assets. Recognition and appreciation are powerful motivators in the workplace and increase employee job satisfaction.  

Some great ways to show your employees appreciation include:
  • Thank-you note – when a job is well done, a heart-felt, handwritten thank-you means more than an e-mail or slap on the back.
  • Team effort celebration – when the team works together and makes it happen, reward employees with an office pizza, casual dress down day or even close early.
  • Employee of the Month – recognize special efforts and accomplishments in workplace newsletter or on website.
  • Recognition - employees actually value recognition even more than a reward or gift so be generous in your acknowledgement of employee contributions to positive outcomes.

Today also reminds employers that there are many ways to show employee appreciation year-round.  A little recognition and appreciation goes a long way to making a better workplace - so why not start today?  You might just find it makes you happier, too.