Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Public Employee Wage Records Subject to Release Under FOIA

The following is a re-post of an article by Julie Tappendorf from The Municipal Minute, an Ancel Glink local government blog that she edits...

In PAC Op. 18-005, the PAC found a public body in violation of FOIA for denying a request for employee compensation records. The requester had filed a FOIA request for a copy of records identifying the salaries paid to all city employees for a two year period. The city denied the request, arguing that the records were exempt from release under 7(1)(c) as release would be an invasion of personal privacy. The denial was appealed to the PAC, which rejected the city's argument, finding that the salary information of public employees is subject to release under FOIA.

This ruling is consistent with previous PAC opinions finding that the public is entitled to access salary and compensation records of public employees.