Tuesday, March 12, 2019

New York Releases Training Videos on Sexual Harassment Prevention

Employers might want to check out sexual harassment prevention videos that were recently released by the State of New York. You can check out the videos by clicking here and here. Also available are the slides used in the videos along with the video’s transcript and case studies, as well as a webinar that discusses recent changes in the State’s employment laws. The information contained in these materials is applicable to employers in Illinois and other states, so if employers are looking to conduct sexual harassment prevention training in house, these materials are a good place to start.

These materials have been released as part of a sweeping series of changes to New York’s laws governing sexual harassment in the workplace. Starting last October, New York employers were required to adopt written sexual harassment prevention policies and undertake annual workplace sexual harassment training.

Ancel Glink provides sexual harassment training, so if you are interested in having us conduct such training, feel free to contact us. It is important to make sure that you do your sexual harassment training the right way. Of course, this will make it clear to employees what constitutes sexual harassment and what does not, and hopefully decrease the likelihood that it will occur. But in the event your company is sued for sexual harassment, it will provide evidence that you attempted to take measures preventing sexual harassment from occurring in the workplace.